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Baked today {zucchini slice}

Sunday mornings and baking are a pretty good match don’t you think?

Tomorrow is my mothers birthday so today we are ignoring the cloudy sky heading down to our favourite park today for a picnic lunch, and as baked food is always best eaten on the day it’s baked, I am up early to get some goodies into the oven.

This zucchini slice recipe is one I trot out over and over again. It’s simple and tasty, and is also a good lunch box idea. The original recipe includes bacon but I have left it out today as my mum and daughter are vegetarians.

Zucchini Slice

375g coarsely grated zucchini / 1 large onion / 3 bacon rashers (optional) / 5 lightly beaten eggs / 1 cup SR flour         1/2 cup olive oil / 1 cup grated cheddar cheese / salt & pepper


Put all ingredients into a mixing bowl and mix well.



Oil a baking dish, and pour the mixture in. Make sure the top is even.


Bake at 180 degrees Celsius for 30-40 minutes.

Allow to cool in the dish.

You can serve this any way you like! For finger food at a party cut into small squares; to serve at a lunch with a salad cut into larger squares, lol!! I will be serving this on the table as an entire dish.

My tiny secret {between you and me}, is to actually paint the top with sweet chilli sauce just prior to serving. It adds a little zing, and makes it look glossy and a little bit more fancy. Doing this also takes away the need for a “dipping” sauce if you are serving as a finger food. We all know dipping sauces are a sure fire way to drip sauce down your front.

No? Oh… only me then… :/

As I type I can smell my zucchini slice cooking, which is my favourite way to indicate when something is close to being baked. It is far more pleasant than the sound of the washing machine about to finish so I can hang my fourth load for the day {rainy day yesterday meant a backlog of hanging today 😦 }



So, add this to your recipe book and wow the crowds at your next “bring a dish” event! 😀

Where shall I go, in Sydney?

Between you and me, I never thought my first trip to Sydney without children would be to see a rugby game.
Turn the clock back a couple of years, okay nearly 12 years, to November 2004, and I was in Sydney for the first time, visiting my sister who lived there. I had a walking 11 month old, plus a 4 months pregnant tummy. Not pregnant enough to show, but heaps pregnant enough to be exhausted. Plus, the walking 11 month old!! Living in the Northern Territory at the time we had been on a work conference to Brisbane, and I decided to add the extra flight on to Sydney. Because that’s what you do at 4 months pregnant with a newly walking 11 month old! It’s what I did anyway.

So I loved Sydney. From what I saw I could tell it was just a cool city, with everything to offer from markets, beaches, amazing walks, plus all the classic Aussie sights. And I can only imagine it is now even cooler with the increase in the coffee/cafe culture in the last 10 years or so. I only had 2 nights I think, so it was a whirlwind visit, and I’ve never been back since. Apart from airport terminal changes.

Until this year. Actually, this month. Actually, in just a couple of weeks.

For my Big Housemates 40th birthday I arranged two nights in the big smoke. There just so happens to be a major rugby game on at the same time, but I’m happy to go along to that for the 2 nights and 3 days of Sydney city life.

Now, I don’t know Sydney at all but we are staying at Raddison Blu  which is near the Opera House, and in the CBD and it says 5 star! So, I have my fingers crossed it will be a little bit better than my last hotel encounter in London. Which you can read about in my blog about our time in London during our family holiday. Hopefully no leaking roof, or shiny bed covers, or busted knees or toes this time.

So yes, it looks a bit swanky in the pictures, so no doubt I will be snapping photos before anything gets touched, or even breathed on, upon our arrival. You know, of the bathroom all shiny, the pillows all plumped, the minibar all full, etc.  As well as every view I see, every coffee I drink, every meal I eat, every purchase I make, every alcoholic beverage… you get the idea!

But, what I need to know is, where should I go to get the best view, the best coffee, the best eats, the best purchases, and the best alcoholic beverages..??

I won’t have a car so everything needs to be in walking distance from the Harbour Area. Or ferry. Or train!

Is it worth getting to Bondi? Can you get there from the city quite easily?

And also, will it be really cold? I have seen the temps are about mid to high teens, but is there a wind to make it feel colder? I have one dressy winter coat that I bought for a Darwin wedding about 12 years ago, and have not worn it since I moved to the Sunshine Coast 8 years ago. I’d love to wear it again. Should I bother taking any Spring weight pants? I’m a terrible “in case” packer. Actually not terrible, I’m great at it. Half my case is usually “in case” outfits. So that’s why I need your help. If I know some places to go, and what the swank level/dress code is, then I should be able to pack with less “in case” situations in mind.

The rugby game night includes a harbour cruise, and will be a more casual jeans and jacket night, so it would be nice to have the other night a bit dressier.

So, all your ideas will be loved and pondered. Obviously I won’t be able to do them all but even just to know the best morning coffee and sun-downer cocktails on the harbour would be great! xx

Update: we have been gifted a reservation at a restaurant called The Meat & Wine Co, on Circular Quay. Have you been? The pictures look pretty cool! x


My List: forty things to do while I am forty. The “fitness edit”!

Between you and me, this is way harder than I thought it would be.

If you are not sure what I’m talking about, scroll down and find my list of 40 things I want to do while I am 40! When I turned 40 last December, I set myself a list of 40 things to do while I am 40. Being a chronic non planning last minute type of person, means I am already expecting a mad November as I try to get it all done! However, some things cannot be done in a week. For example Complete the Fat Mums Slim photo a day challenge – that takes a month! Learn to run 10kms – definitalty not going to get done in a week. Grow a herb garden – again, not in a week. Unless I buy all the herbs on a Saturday, replant into my garden, then be chuffed if they don’t die by Sunday!! Hmm… that’s got me thinking!

But really, I set some things for myself to do that I knew would be hard and challenging. That’s why I set them, so I don’t want to not complete them all, but I need to get some serious planning started.

Number 10 and 12 are lose 10kgs and learn to run 10kms. And number 2 is climb Mount Coolum 10 times which I feel should all be able to be worked in together, along with number 13 buy a bike and use it; number 27 learn to stand up paddle board; and 29 start a regular exercise routine.

So these are the ones I am going to concentrate on in August.

The buy a bike and use it one, I was doing really well at, but then winter came and I don’t have lights on my bike and by the time I got home form work it was dark. Didn’t have an excuse for the weekends. Just didn’t go. But the evenings are getting lighter, so I am going to get back into having my bike in the car to ride while I wait for kids to do tennis and acrobatics lessons.

I hurt my knees the last time I ran on the road, so I am going to try and get back into beach running. And really, it shouldn’t be that hard when this is my fave running beach…

So that might be my Saturday morning “get up and go”.

But ALSO, I am paying for a gym membership!! Cannot remember the last time I went though…I only like the group classes, so I’ve just checked the time table and the ones I can get to around work hours, are a Wednesday morning Boot Camp, and a Sunday morning Bodystep.

So where am I up to?

  • Monday: bike ride (after work while waiting for tennis).
  • Tuesday: Night off
  • Wednesday: Bootcamp (6am start!!!)
  • OR Bike ride while waiting for acrobatics. Possibly both!!!
  • Thursday: beach run (after work)
  • Friday: Night off
  • Saturday: beach run (early, before netball)
  • Sunday: Bodystep class

So that is 5 activities each week. Combined with a few, actually 10, mountain climbs, and a couple (probably more like way more than 10) of stand up paddle boarding sessions I feel that I would be well on my way to the lose 10kgs by December. It doesn’t necessarily have to be 10kgs, but I know I am happier and healthier when I am a dress size and a half down from where I am sitting now. I might take some measurements as well for actual size comparison. A few inches shed from my tummy and thighs would be brilliant!

And that is I think 6 things from my list of 40! These are all ongoing challenges that will hopefully end up in actual lifestyle changes. Have you set yourself any challenges to make a change for a healthier you and a healthier lifestyle? I’d love to hear from you. Or if you want to join me, tag me in your fitness stuff photos on Instagram @betweenyou_and_me

So, being the first of the month AND a Monday, today seems like a good day to get started in these challenges! I’m about to put my bike in the car, and pack my clothes for a ride after work! Hope you have a great day! 🙂 x



Family Holiday: London

Between you and me, I really have not been sure how to split up our trip to share with you all the things we got up to. It’s 2 weeks since got back & I feel I need to get on with it, so I have decided to just start with London. It’s a big old city and we saw as much of it as our budget and energy would allow! In two days!!

I am not going to talk about the motel we stayed at. Because it was disgusting. Completely awful. On Instagram I think I mentioned that we got an “upgrade”, but I was trying to be positive. We did technically get an upgrade, but only because the roof was leaking in our original room. Tiny original room. Tiny!! It was actually quite tricky to walk around and between the beds without taking out a knee. Or a toe. It was a room “suitable for families”, or so it said in the website. Not sure what kind of families they have had previously. Maybe ones with no knees. Or toes. I knew two of us would be sharing a bed, and that’d be ok. With a single and Queen we’d be able to work it out. Except it was more like a trundle and a double. And while the sheets were clean and white, the bed spread was for an even smaller sized bed. And nylon-ish. And way too slick. Not dirty, but shiny in a bad vintage kind of way. And the bathroom, holy moly. Nasty. Again, nothing actually dirty, but nothing fresh either. But I’m not going to talk about it. We are calling it an “adventure”. And this was the view we had along the road…


So it could have been worse. Maybe. Maybe not.When I booked it, I looked purely at locations (+ limited by budget), as we had a train to Paris to catch and I wanted to be close by for an early morning start. Next time we’ll just cab it to the train station! But in the mean time, this is King’s Cross train station, stunning.


So, we did have our day in Paris, but I’m going to tell you about London. Being a chronic non-planner, we kind of whinged it a bit which was cool.

When we arrived on the train from Surrey, we tried to find lockers to store our overnight bags. I knew that they had been removed from all train stations in London in the 80’s but thought maybe by now they were back. They are not, so luckily we had packed light, and had backpacks so carrying them was not too annoying.

First we headed to the Borough Markets. Being a week day, it wasn’t at its weekend finest, but we still got the feel of it all. Loads of food markets open and plenty of “taste testers” to try. IMG_6309IMG_6314

After filling our tummies, we decided to go to Madame Tussauds. This is a childhood favourite of mine, and we were all keen to “rub shoulders” with the rich and famous. Travelling by the underground which both my kids worked out how to read the maps and plan ahead pretty easily, we bought our tickets in a deal, including Madame Tussauds, The London Dungeons, and The London Eye. If you haven’t been to Madame Tussauds, it really is just mainly a museum, with all the incredible wax works around the rooms, and everyone waiting to get a picture with George Clooney, Albert Einstein, Lady Diana, or The Hulk. So we did exactly the same!!!

There are many more on my camera roll, and lots of “bloopers” too!! I also loved this, when Miss-11 and Mr-12 were introduced to the Royal family as the Prince and Princess of Australia!!!

So after the main room, there is a little ride where you get taken through a bit of the history of London. At the end, Miss-11 saw the sign that said “smile for the camera” just in time, so she gave a big wave, and Mr-12 cracked up, resulting in me HAVING to purchase this from the kiosk…

And that was day 1 done. We headed to our hotel, then got out of there to do some window shopping and had Burger King (Hungry Jacks) for dinner. 

Our second day in London, after the Paris day was really busy. We started out to Covent Garden, but we were too early for the hustle and bustle, so decided to not wait around. We tubed it to Piccadilly Circus, then walked to Trafalgar Square. Miss-12 wanted a picture with the lions!

Then we black cabbed it to Buckingham Palace, and decided to wait around as the changing of the guards was due to start. We ended up having about an hour to wait, and the change itself takes quite a long time. Combined with sunshine, no snacks, and not being able to see much (except Miss-11 who had squirmed her way to the front), we would not wait for that again, but at least we can say we’ve seen it.

Afterwards, we bought icecreams and walked though the squirrels and swans at St. James’s Park, to Westminster.

When I was 10, my mother took me to Westminster Abbey, and you coud put a prayer in the prayer box to be read out at the Sunday service. I wrote a prayer for my Grandad who was in a lot of pain at the time. Now this building will always remind me of him, and I’m cool with that. Look at how magnificent it is.

So, a quick walk over Westminster Bridge, and we were in Southbank. If I had know how cool this area would be, we would have totally skipped the guards and spent the entire afternoon or even the day here. Similar to Brisbane’s Southbank, it is full of cafes and bars, and also street performers. Mr-12 was keen to check out a skateboarding place that has amazing street art, and we found it.

 And we went on a Merry-Go-Round too!! Southbank is also where The London Dungeons are, and The London Eye. No queue for the Dungeons, so in we went. It was brilliant, so well done. Basically it is a tour of London through some of her darkest times. The Plague, The Great Fire of London, Sweeny Todd, Jack the Ripper, Guy Fawkes etc. Each section you walk in to has an actor ushering you along and then perform a mini show, detailing the events. It was so well done, really great. Selecting people form the crowds to be pranked, lights out for crowds to be scared, sound affects, and two rides too. A log flume type ride, and a mini giant drop. The details of the torture carried out in The Tower of London was included in the Guy Fawkes section, and made my eyes water. Ouch!

No photography is allowed, but we bought both the souvenier photos, and took some pics in the bar at end, where you are greeted with a Gin & Tonic, probably to ease your nerves!

We went on The London Eye right at the end of the day which was actually really good. We were getting tired after 3 days of full on tourist sightseeing, and this was quite relaxing. Also, as we had seen quite a bit of the city, I was able to point out the landmarks so Miss-11 and Mr-12 could really see the layout, and how much ground we had covered.

 After this, we were pretty happy to be heading to the train home to my sister. It was only a short walk from there to the train station, but on our way, we found two very cool places. House of Vans is a super cool place which houses an art gallery, a skate ramp and a cafe. We didn’t get to look around much as we were running out of time, but we did have about 10 goes each in the free photo booth!

Then Mr-12 asked if we could cross the road, and I was reluctant at first as it looked like a ditch or something, but he was adamant, so over we went, and we found one of the coolest places that any city could have. A tunnel that allows street artists to paint on the walls. It is a totally free place to hang out, where anyone can bring their spray paint and draw, tag or whatever the cool people call it, on the walls. You just pick your spot and go for it. There must be hundreds of layers of pain on those walls. It was very cool.

 I was gutted that I didn’t know about this place. Mr-12 had mentioned it, but I didn’t realise how open and free to the public it was, otherwise I would have bought paint and let him go. It’s my biggest regret of the whole trip.

And that was our London time done! It was a whirlwind of sights. We had such great fun and I am so chuffed that I have been able to do these things with my children. They are great ages to be travelling with, old enough to carry their own bag, lol!!  Apologies for the photos, they really are just holiday snaps, not edited, cropped or filtered. The next “slide show” will probably be Paris! Until then, scroll down to find my Raspberry Coconut Slice, have a go at baking it, and tell me what you think.

Are you planning a family holiday? Tell me what you’re planning! Where are you going?

Baked Today: raspberry coconut slice

Between you and me, I don’t do healthy baking. But it seems that coconut is a health food these days, and raspberries are fruit, so really this one can’t be too bad. Right? Raspberry coconut slice. Sounds healthy, right? Cool, let’s go then! 

Raspberry Coconut Slice

Base: 90g butter, 1/2 cup caster sugar, 1 egg, 1/3 cup self raising flour, 2/3 cup plain flour, 1/2 cup raspberry jam.

Topping: 2 eggs, 1/3 cup caster sugar, 2 cups coconut.

Cream butter, sugar and egg until smooth and creamy. 

Stir in sifted fours, in two batches. Spread mixture evenly over base of well greased lamington tin ( 28cm x 18cm / 11 in x 7in). 

Spread evenly with jam. 

Beat topping eggs lightly with a fork, beat in sugar, then coconut. Spread evenly over the jam.

Bake in moderate oven 40 minutes, or until golden brown. 

Cool in tin, cut when cold. Serve and enjoy. This is mine…

And this is the original printed image: 

 Not too bad!! Let me know of you try this one out. 🙂 

Recipe from “The Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits”, The Australain Women’s Weekly, 1990.

{Fairy} God Mother

As you might have noticed or read, recently I went to England for a family holiday. We had a great time and did a truck load of stuff, however, one of my favourite moments was when my little sis asked me to be the God Mother for her second son, James. She is God Mother to my son, and my older sis is God Mother to my daughter, but I think it’s not until you are asked to be a god parent yourself, that you realise what it means.

I mean you (usually) choose to be a parent to your own child. But when another person chooses you above anyone else they know to guide their child if they are ever not able to, that is pretty special.

You hope you never have to do the serious stuff. It’s the serious stuff that comes when the parents are unable to do it themselves. When life decisions have to be made on the child’s behalf, and the parents are unable to do that. That is not something I ever want to think about. BUT, in the instance I do have to, I  want my sis to know that all decisions I am involved in would be made from my heart and from my head and on her behalf. I would do my best to make decisions that I feel she would chose. For her son to live the life she has already had the ideas for. Fun, love, comfort and family and friends. Education, travel, success and experiences.

But, I will focus instead on being his fairy god mother. He is able to live with me any time he needs or wants; he can call me any time night or day; he can tell me the things he doesn’t want to tell his mum & dad. I will keep secrets when I can. I am hopeless with birthday gifts and Christmas gifts arriving on time, but I will try to make up for that. And mostly I will love him. I already love him. Totally and completely. Always have. Always will. 

Are you a God Mother/Father? What do you consider God Motherly/Fatherly duties? x

My List: Number 5 {take my children to England}

So, between you and me, my list of “40 things to do while I’m forty” has not got many things ticked off. 

I am now officially 40 and a half (and a bit), so really I should be halfway through that list. But actually I’ve only ticked off about three things… Hmmmm. 

BUT, one of the big ticket items is about to get ticket off!! Number 5 “take my children to England”,  because guess what! We are going in two weeks. Two WEEKS!! To England, in two weeks. 

So. Excited. 

Passports are ready, flights are booked. 

That’s all we need right? 

My sister knows the dates so she’ll be expecting us at some point! Oh, and I’ve booked a day trip to Paris on the EuroStar train – apparently it travels at 300mph or something ridiculous. So excited! 

I’ve been looking at car rentals, so will probably get that organised in the next day or so, and will also arrange some sort of travel debit card or cash. 

Apart from that, it’s a family holiday and I’m kind of not wanting to plan too much! There will be lots of tea & coffee drinking, walking in parks with children & babies, talking, laughing, selfies and food. Also some tourist attractions around London, and a couple of nights in Cornwall for a “this is (partly) where I grew up” tour.

UPDATE – and a really quick one just so I can tick off Number 5!!

So, I didn’t ever post that! In fact I forgot all about it. I was just sitting on my couch, and I saw it sitting in the “draft” folder. Oops!

So I’ll just say, a few of weeks ago my kids and I got back from a 3 week holiday, in England! We did so much in 3 weeks, even a day trip to Paris. Two days & nights in London, and a weekend road trip to Cornwall. So, I get to tick Number 5: Take my Children to England, off on my list.

We had such a great time. If you  know me personally you would have had a three week bombardment of photos on Facebook. And if you follow me on FB or Instagram, you would have seen a few pics too.We did so much. And the more I think about it, the more I remember. From country walks, National Trust Houses, feeding ducks and searching for slugs, to The London Dungeons, The London Eye, the Eiffel Tower and the best Sticky Date pudding I have ever eaten. There were reunions with old friends, and the meeting of extended family.

I have a few more posts/blogs in the pipelines detailing the things we got up to, and you can scroll down to check out our time in London. Complete with holiday snaps overload!!

On Monday I reviewed my list, and I really need to get on with ticking off more challenges and tasks, but this month I’m focusing on some of the fitness challenges, which you can read about if you scroll down a bit… x

My List: update #one. How to become a registered organ & tissue donor.

So, {between you & me}, I posted a little blog a few weeks ago about “My List”. A list of 40 things I want to do while I’m forty! 

I also noted that I’m almost a third of the way through my time allowance. My birthday is December 8th, so the idea is that I complete my list prior to that. In case you missed it, here it is…

  1. Complete a triathlon of any length.
  2. Climb Mount Coolum 10 times.
  3. Start regular volunteer work.
  4. Cook a beef wellington.
  5. Take my children to England for a holiday.
  6. Go camping on the beach.
  7. Host a dinner party.
  8. Visit Sydney.
  9. Take a boat trip to Mudjimba Island.
  10. Lose 10kg in weight (that old chestnut!)
  11. Try Bikram Yoga.
  12. Learn to run 10km.
  13. Buy a bike and use it!!
  14. Complete the renovating on my bed side table/drawers.
  15. Send all Christmas gifts to overseas family to arrive on time.
  16. Join or start a book club.
  17. Host a “Christmas in July” party.
  18. Have a house plant and don’t kill it.
  19. Get eyelash extensions.
  20. Implement a house-hold chores routine.
  21. See a theatre production in Brisbane.
  22. Have a dairy free month.
  23. Bake a whole fish.
  24. Go fishing with my partner.
  25. Complete the Fat Mum Slim photo a day challenge for an entire month.
  26. Have a Garage Sale!!
  27. Learn to “stand-up paddle board”.
  28. Have a meat free month.
  29. Create an exercise routine of at least 4 times a week.
  30. Get eyelash extensions just for fun!
  31. Have a “skin check”.
  32. Have an alcohol free month, and be the “designated driver” if we go out.
  33. Become a registered organ donor.
  34. Have a herb garden with at least 4 herbs alive.
  35. Complete my 2016 tax return before the end of 2016.
  36. Get a pet dog.
  37. Transfer all my CDs to my laptop – if that is still possible!
  38. Watch a major sporting event.

You might notice there are a few spaces remaining unfilled. These are waiting for genius thoughts to appear before me… It’s taking a while. Anyway… Before I even posted the list, there were a few items I could already tick off but I’ll get to them another day. 

One that I really want to get sorted is number 33, “become a registered organ donor”. So I’m going to share with you the process. And I would LOVE it if I could persuade even one reader to join me.

“Would you say yes to a transplanted organ or tissue?… Have you said yes to being an organ and tissue donor?”

I feel like organ donation is something that comes up in conversation every now and then, and most people I know say yes, I will donate! But the thing is, by the time your body is ready to be donated, you will not be able to tell anyone. So it is important to make your wishes known before that time. By registering your wishes, you are also taking the possibly difficult decision out of your family’s hands, which is nice as it might be the last thing they want to think about at that time. And later it might give them some nice thoughts and relief from their grief to know that your organs and/or tissue might be living on in another person. You can click here to read stories on how organ donation has affected other people’s lives. 

So I have just registered, and this is how I did it! So easy… 

I simply googled “become a registered organ donor Australia” and eventually came to Donate Life, then followed the prompt “register your decision”.

All I needed was my personal infomation, and my Medicare card numbers.

I filled out the simple form, and it was done! Very easy!!

I selected for everything to be “used”, but you can select which organs and tissue you wish to donate.

If donating is not your thing, you can also register to not be an organ donor.

So, I’m done! Yesssss!!! And you can too! It’s “Donate Life Week 2016” from Sunday 31st July to Sunday 7th August, so why not mark this in your calander as something to do? 

As for the rest of the list, I’m intending to make weekly updates on how it’s going. I have decided to replace one of my “eyelash extention” wishes to “19. Complete my will”. Do you have an official will? I’ve never had one and it’s probably time I did!! I’ve got what’s going to happen to my body after I die sorted, I’d better sort out who’s going to get all my millions. 😂😂

Are you a registered organ and tissue donor? Do you want to be? Why not follow the link above and get it done!! Go on, I dare you… 

Lemon Cheesecake

Between you and me, I’m a big fan of things that require little effort for great results! In particular in the kitchen. And this lemon cheesecake is one of those things! I’ve just made it for my daughters eleventh birthday family dinner BBQ tonight. 

The little effort part come in mainly because it is quick – as in no bake!! So also a great one to try if you don’t want the oven on in summer!! 

I got this recipe from the back of a Philadelphia Cream Cheese wrapper years ago, and it’s the only cheesecake I have ever made. I find baked cheesecakes dry, but this one stays creamy and smooth. However, it is not recommended for calorie counters! 

Lemon Cheesecake

  • 1 cup biscuit crumbs
  • 1/3 cup melted butter
  • 250g softened cream cheese
  • 2tsp gelatin powder
  • 1/4 cup boiling water
  • 400g can condensed milk
  • 1/3 cup lemon juice

Mix the biscuit crumbs and melted butter, press evenly over the base of a springform tin.

Beat cream cheese until smooth. Add the gelatin powder to the boiling water, and stir until dissolved. Add condensed milk, lemon juice and gelatin mix to the cream cheese and continue to beat until smooth. 


Pour over the biscuit crumb base, even out the top, and return to the fridge to set. 

The instructions say to leave overnight, but because I’m a rebel cook, I’m leaving it for the day! 😏 Also, I doubled the recipe as we have 9 for dinner! To make it “go further”, you could easily use a shallow baking pan, spread the base crumb and filling thinner, and cut it like a slice! 

As you can see, I have pressed some fresh raspberries into the top of mine because they are Miss11’s favourites, and a bit of a treat! 

If you’re taking this cheesecake to a dinner party or a BBQ or a picnic, leave it in the springform pan and pop it out when you get there, it’s just safer for traveling!! Remember to take a flat plate or board to serve & cut it on as lipped ones can make cutting trickier! 

Don’t forget to share a pic with me if you have a go!! And Happy Birthday to my lovely Miss11!   xx



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