Untidy Heidi

Naturally untidy, just trying to keep it all together!

Morning Tea: Everyone’s Favourite Slice

I didn't name this slice, so cannot guarantee it's claim, but it is good! And with Queensland schools going back tomorrow, it's a good one to have ready for lunchboxes. Or if you're still on holidays, it's a good one... Continue Reading →


Baked today {zucchini slice}

Sunday mornings and baking are a pretty good match don't you think? Tomorrow is my mothers birthday so today we are ignoring the cloudy sky heading down to our favourite park today for a picnic lunch, and as baked food is always... Continue Reading →

Where shall I go, in Sydney?

Between you and me, I never thought my first trip to Sydney without children would be to see a rugby game. Turn the clock back a couple of years, okay nearly 12 years, to November 2004, and I was in... Continue Reading →

My List: forty things to do while I am forty. The “fitness edit”!

Between you and me, this is way harder than I thought it would be. If you are not sure what I'm talking about, scroll down and find my list of 40 things I want to do while I am 40!... Continue Reading →

Family Holiday: London

As you know, I recently took my children on holiday to England. Here I am sharing some holiday snaps and what we got up to over 2 days in London.

Baked Today: raspberry coconut slice

Between you and me, I don't do healthy baking. But it seems that coconut is a health food these days, and raspberries are fruit, so really this one can't be too bad. Right? Raspberry coconut slice. Sounds healthy, right? Cool,... Continue Reading →

{Fairy} God Mother

As you might have noticed or read, recently I went to England for a family holiday. We had a great time and did a truck load of stuff, however, one of my favourite moments was when my little sis asked... Continue Reading →

My List: Number 5 {take my children to England}

So, between you and me, my list of "40 things to do while I'm forty" has not got many things ticked off.  I am now officially 40 and a half (and a bit), so really I should be halfway through... Continue Reading →

My List: update #one. How to become a registered organ & tissue donor.

So, {between you & me}, I posted a little blog a few weeks ago about "My List". A list of 40 things I want to do while I'm forty!  I also noted that I'm almost a third of the way... Continue Reading →

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